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Word Challenge

Title: 50 Words 
Pairing: Malcolm Young/Angus Young
Warning: slash, sexual content, incestuous content
Rating: T
Disclaimer: This work is entirely fictional and meant for the reader's enjoyment. I own nothing whatsoever, no profit is being made, and no harm/defame is intended/provoked towards the characters in this story.

I did a 50 words challenge that I snagged off a friend and I live for these when I find them. 0________0 I already have one going on my private journal (CSI Warrick/Greg ftmfw >8O) and I thought that AC/DC deserved on too. I think I might do other pairing to it as well, but for now, Angus/Malcolm because. >8U

And, fair warning, word challenges are big on the whole 'describe in one sentence' so all some of the sentences are rather large. xDDD; I also had help from Elina and Lolly on some of these and those are in italics and credited. Thanks guys 8D And enjoy!



1 -Confusion
Angus' not sure why he didn't notice it before or just why he's just noticing it now because he's usually an observant person (or at least he thinks so) but when his brother hugs him, he's confused as to why he suddenly want to hold on to him longer and Angus isn't sure whether it's because he wants to or because he needs to.

2 -Nose
Malcolm's watching his brother's face as they sit off to the corner of the room, guitars playing in a soft union and he can't help but smile every time his brother's guitar snares a wrong note because there's this subtle wrinkle of the nose that he gets going and all he wants to do is lean in and kiss it away.

3 -Hell

He's going to a special kind of hell, one that was specific for the freaks like him but he can't help it, especially not now when he was so god damn close, and he could care less as he stifles his name into the pillow -- “Malcolm!” -- but it's when the ride is over that he rolls over to the edge of the bed and throws up into the trashcan because he can't believe what he's doing.

4 -Smile

It's his smile that always gets him the most because Malcolm rarely smiles and when he does, it practically lights up a room and Angus remembers years previous where he'd spend long minutes, maybe even an hour or so just trying to get his brother to laugh or even just quirk a smile and it was a daunting task in itself; so, he finds it quite strange that nowadays, every time he bumps into his brother, there's already a smile on his face before he even gets a word out.

5 -Name

It is not that hard to spell.” Malcolm was bitching again at the executive producer again because for the fourth time that today the man shows up with the same paper and his name is still spelled wrong (Malcum, Malcome, Malcom, what the fuck was so hard about Malcolm?); Angus looked down at his hands, smiling slightly because he knew Malcolm liked when he handled the process papers because he would never make the mistake of spelling his name wrong.

6 -Hands

It isn't until Angus has got a hand jammed down the front of his jeans that he really pays attention to them and just how fucking tiny they really are; although, he can't really protest to them because for what they lack in size they make up in skill and Malcolm can't ever remember having come that fast.

7 -Jealousy

It's when the redhead at the bar calls him ugly as she fawns over his brother that Angus first realized he maybe wasn't the hotshot that he usually portrayed himself as and what he thought he looked like and that, really, what was the actual attraction to him other than money?; and he really can't help but be jealous when he takes a moment to look around the room and is surprised to see a woman or two on each of the others and he's not sure why his brother makes him the most envious out of all of them.

8 -Happiness

Malcolm can't get enough joy out of watching his brother strip on stage because really, if there was any part of the show he looked forward to most, it was first coming up from the floor at the beginning of the show and watching his brother, sweaty and smirking, peeling off every inch of clothing and passing him glances while he's doing it and Malcolm's always quite grateful that's he got a guitar in front of him.

9 -Sun

Brazil has to be one of the best places that they'd ever chosen as a vacationing spot; and yes, Malcolm was saying that for the sole reason of Angus wearing a speedo every time they hit the beach.

10 -Bonds

They'd always had a special bond what with being the youngest in the family and it had only grown stronger over the years; Angus just couldn't help but wish that they'd either been born to different families to make this okay or not born at all so that he knew they wouldn't have to deal with the heartache that was imminently following them no matter where they went or what they did.

11 -Innocence

Angus can't stand when Malcolm gives him those looks, especially when they're in bed, like he's surprised that his little brother's not as innocent as he thought he claimed to be and if there's any one thing Angus likes more than his brother, it's proving him undeniably wrong.

12 -Hair

Simply put, Malcolm's hair makes him jealous because no man on earth should have something that nice and not be a girl which is why he finds it so confusing as to why he's the one Malcolm's deemed the “girl” of the relationship when, clearly, his hair proves that otherwise.

13 -Chocolate

Malcolm's eyes remind him of that sweet candied syrup and he laughs as he tries to question himself as to why he ran out and got it but as he lets it drizzle out over his brother's chest and he leans in to lick it away, watching his brother's eyes light up in response, he doesn't think he needs an answer.

14 -Dance

Malcolm isn't sure what to think when he comes home from a weekend away for a meeting to schedule their next tour and the stereo's blaring and his brother's dressed in nothing but a loose shirt and a pair of boxers and socks and he's not sure if it's legal to move your hips like that but he thinks that it might really be okay, especially when the beat of the music provides him with a steady rhythm that's got Angus begging and whining against the wall.

15 -Rain

Their first kiss end up in a sloshing downpour after the car, slick against the rode, lost control and slammed into a near by grove of trees and the both of them sit there, hearts pounding and Angus gets out first, stumbling from the wreck, soaking to the bone almost immediately, and Malcolm follows him out, surveying the damage and squinting at it and shakes his head in frustration as he kicks the tire and his foot aches and he doesn't think anything could get any worse – and he's more than startled, if not happy, when his brother's lips are on his and he's not sure if the gesture's trying to calm him down or just because it felt like the perfect moment.

16 -Kiss

Malcolm decides that, after that first kiss, one was not enough and the pick up truck they've called for shouldn't be here for another half hour and the road is secluded and the car's still dry and as he tackles his brother into the back seat, lips still meshed together, the last thing on his mind (for a little while anyway) is the few thousands of dollars in a paycheck to fix the car, to which he thinks he really might want to use more often.

17 -Taste

Malcolm tastes strangely like grape fruit, a sweet and tangy, almost sensual tingle to his tongue and something completely Malcolm that he knows he could never get it anywhere else no matter how hard he tried to look for it.

18 -Sex

Malcolm doesn't think he's seen anything more beautiful when he's got his brother beneath him, arching up against him, sheened in sweat, face flushed and needy and the sounds, sweet motherfucking Christ, the moans and whines are enough to drive a sane man nuts; but he knows nothing will ever match their first time because nothing else had made him feel more special when he found out he was the first to take his virginity even after all the tales shared about the countless women they'd all taken to bed and he never would've guessed his brother to be any less triumphant when once again, he was wrong.

19 -Fear

Angus tries to push away the fear that worms through his stomach when the pretty, dark haired woman approaches them one day and he can see the interest spark in Malcolm's eyes, especially when he and the girl makes plans to meet again because the last thing he wants is for Malcolm to walk away and leave him alone because he doesn't think he could ever love someone ever again as much as he loved his brother.

20 -Telephone

Angus can't stand when Malcolm has to drift off for a weekend or so for a conference or something else to benefit the band such as new lines of clothing or scheduling tour dates or new albums and songs but he'd be damning himself to say that he didn't enjoy when Malcolm called and he had to take the phone into the other room before they could finish talking; he seriously tries to get his brother to consider working at a hot line because he almost finds it embarrassing to the fact that just his voice can make him act like that.

21 -Cold

Sure, they'd made sure to wear jacket's but after years of wasting life out in the Outback and suddenly being dropped in Vancouver, Canada and fuck, the country is god damn freezing and it really didn't seem right to put them here in the middle of the winter; although, when he finds he brother shivering as they wait for the camera crew to set up their equipment, Malcolm has to admit he likes the closeness they share when he opens his jacket and his brother slips inside and he wraps the other up, holding him tight.

22 -Moon

The band had moved from South Wales to Perth and the backyard is incredible, stretching for miles beyond to bluffs out in the distance, and he knows that smirk on his brother's face when he pulls him outside late into the night and Malcolm will never forget how the moon was mirrored in Angus' eyes when his release took hold of him, his scream swallowed to the night air.

23 -Pain

Angus isn't sure what to say and he doesn't think there's anything to say when Malcolm cries out a woman's name rather than his own one evening and his gut wrenches and it suddenly feels as if every thing's on fire and all hurts and he shoves him away because he knows that name and wishes he didn't.

24 -Weakness

Malcolm tries hard not to have Angus catch on to what he's doing but it's hard to do that when he gets him pinned against the counter, lips along his neck, kissing the hollow beneath his ear where he knows his brother his brother won't stop squirming; but it really is an eye for eye situation because Angus knows every sensitive nerve in his back and how to work them and sometimes, he doesn't let him come until he actually starts to cry.

25 -Tears

Malcolm's not sure whether or not he's made the right decision in choosing O'Linda and he watches his brother break down because he really does love her, he just loves Angus more but there was no way he could ever get everything he wanted from his brother and he has to contain himself from running over to him and promising forever because he knew now that there had never been a forever between them, just a as long as they could; it didn't make anything any better especially when he left the room and Angus tried to follow him, stumbling in tears and he slammed the door in his face because he wasn't sure he could handle looking at him before he started to cry himself.

26 -Accident

They had what they had thought was about an hour before the paparazzi showed up, along with whatever bubblegum blond of an interviewee decided to tag along with them and they soon found themselves sadly and completely misfortune in their calculations because they were apparently an hour early; Malcolm was quite frustrated because he was really quite content in watching his brother squirm against the couch with his hand down his pants and all of a sudden the door opens and he's not sure how he manages to pull away in time but all he knows is that Angus' suddenly laughing and there's a flash and Malcolm can't help but be relieved to the fact when the film develops later that they weren't caught and he's more than happy to finish what he started.

27 -Speed

The drug's exactly like the word, fast and quick and it's got you bouncing around the walls, speech fast and slurred and Angus is surprised he can really make out anything at all in Malcolm's words and it's the first time he actually looks at him and figures there's maybe something else besides the alcohol that's got his brother trapped and he wants to know why and he wonders if he should at all be surprised or maybe flattered to the fact his brother uses the drug so as to make himself feel less guilty about the fact that he's the objective of his wet dreams.

28 -Guilt

He knew wedding nights were of a sacred value and that he's supposed to keep the image of his new bride beneath him but it doesn't stop his longing of having the
other familiar body beneath him, gasping and panting and clutching and whining and where there's curves and angles it's all just wrong and it's on his wedding night as he lays her to the bed that he realizes his mistake and it's late into the night when she's asleep that Malcolm is grateful the cord to the phone is long and he shuts himself in the bathroom; he isn't sure if he should cry or laugh to the fact his brother actually picks up to his number and for a moment he's at loss for words before he chooses to cry and he waits for screaming and brash anger and instead he gets soft words and 'I love you''s he knew he should want but does and he thinks that actually makes him feel more guilty than when he had actually started.

29 -Sensual

Malcolm can never seem to have him for more than five minutes before every thing's just gone on too long and he needs Angus
then and now or they're in real trouble and he wonders in half amusement and amazement as to how his brother can seem to take all the time in the world; touching and kissing and hugging and holding and not even before they're completely undressed does Malcolm go crazy and he sometimes thinks he does when Angus shoves him back, slow to feeling up every curve of his body, every muscle, every feature as if there'll come a day where he'll only recognize him by touch and Malcolm wonders if maybe that'll ever happen but as he pins Angus' hands to the sheets, the tight heat engulfing him, he can't really think of anything anymore.

30 -Broken

Angus had told himself no, that no matter how much he loved him, that he still had a wife and a child on the way and it was just wrong and he couldn't ever imagine getting in the middle of that; when he visits Malcolm while O'Linda happens to be out food shopping (He'd called earlier. Was it planned or just a coincidence?), he's not let into the house, he's fucking
dragged and he wonders where any of his ambitions went on holding out and he knows they went out the window by the time Mal flips him over and drags him back until he's up on his hands and his knees and all he can do is hope they shut the front door.

31 -Home

Malcolm's somewhat surprised when his brother informs him of his decision to get a home back in Scotland, keeping the one here as a summer spot and Malcolm can't help but feel strangely upset because that means he would get to see him less and he thinks, after a while of going over it and talking, it might be a good idea because then they don't have to worry about being tempted; his brother moves about a month later and it's about a month after that when he's woken up in the middle of the night and he tells O'Linda to go back to bed and he'll get it and he's damn near ready to either kill his brother when he's on the other side of the door or crush him in a hug and he all but tackles him into both when he looks at him, shoulders slumped -- "No where's a home without you Mal."

32 -Furniture

Tables, specifically, Malcolm finds out, are of wonderful use, especially when he comes home tired after a long day of arguing with new audition-ers and they've apparently got one with a man named Johnson tomorrow; Phil slips a beer into his hand before heading off and Angus walks into the kitchen and it's all he can do but to stand, grabbing him by the collar and forcing him over the edge of the table, yanking at his pants and he knows from the way his brother laughs, still hollow of actual joy ever since Bon's death, that he knows why he wants -- no,
needs this and he's more than willing to give it, but it's not like he has much choice because it's either this or alone later in the shower and as Malcolm curls a hand about him, hips jerking into the touch feverishly, he much prefers this and finds out he can forget things so much easier when he can't think of anything at all.

33 -Melody

Ellen could never understand why Angus had purchased the grand piano in the first place and she knows he plays but he never seems to touch it and it's what she doesn't know and it's usually when she's not home, work or with friends, that Malcolm will sometimes come over and they'll play together like they used to when they were kids from the lessons their mother had taught them; and it's not only music of the keys they produce together, but sometimes a chorus of soft whines and moans as Malcolm pulls his brother into his lap or lays him out across the piano bench, the wooden furniture creaking as the music is no longer auditory but vocal and Malcolm's not sure he's heard an any more beautiful song in his life.

34 -Gift

He remembered Angus's face when the final layer of Christmassy gift wrap had finally fallen from around the shiny new SG, remembered tears in his eyes while he'd thanked him over and over again, remembered Angus sneaking into his room late in the night when everyone else was safely asleep, remembered the hushed whispers, hastily shed clothing, muffled groans, nails digging into skin in desperate attempts at keeping quiet.... the last thing in his memory from that heavenly night was his hair so drenched in sweat it wouldn't cooperate comfortably with the pillow, and he still thought it had eventually been him who had got the best present of the evening. ~Elina

35 -Touch

Photo shoots, interviews, boring record company séances, concerts, nights out - whenever, wherever, really, he can barely keep his hands off him, often just merely slinging an arm around his shoulders or playfully slapping his ass, careful not to let anything more on - but it's the more secretive touches, fingers interlacing and hands squeezing thighs under tables that really get him going, and of course, when they're alone, when he can rip his clothes off and virtually chain him to the bed by just finding the right spots to tease, touching, licking, kissing until they're both going insane with desire - that's basically what keeps him alive. ~Elina

36 -Children

Malcolm's not really sure what to say when he learns that, not only can Ellen not have children, but she doesn't want to adopt them either and he knows his brother hides it well but he can see the momentary flicker when they come over for the Holidays or for playdates, something broken on the inside that can't be fixed, and he doesn't quite realize just how much it must really hurt until he wakes up one night as they were over to spend the vacation of the New Year and he finds Angus with his son who'd woken sometime during the night and he was rocking the whimpering child to sleep; but when he looks more closely, he finds it isn't his son who was crying after all.

37 -Pink Floyd

Angus' first concert is Pink Floyd because one of Malcolm's friend's canceled on him and he knows how much the concert means to him so he decides to fill the void and he's on his third brown bag of rum and his second joint when he decides that he's really had enough because he can't tell up from down and the music doesn't sound anything remotely like music and when he throws up in a nearby trashcan (how he found it, he'll never know), he's glad he's got Malcolm there to pull his hair back but he knows his brother isn't at all happy when he has to take him home two hours early; he's more than grateful when he wakes up to a tray with aspirin and water on it beside the bed so he figures, while Malcolm doesn't talk to him for a few days, he definitely still cares.

38 -Led Zeppelin

Malcolm still isn't sure how he managed to scale the fence, much less get Angus up over it because his brother so fucking clumsy and they have to stop after tumbling into the brush because they can't just land like that and not take advantage of it and once they're done and stumble from their cover, flushed and still panting, he has to stifle his laugh behind a hand as his brother immediately recognizes the band warming up on stage and the concert hasn't even started yet and for about a half hour, before a security guard rounds the corner, Malcolm seriously thinks about where the nearest phone is so he can get there quick before Angus has a heart attack.

39 -Suspicion

Both are glad that no one seems to have enough confidence to confront them because the reality is, is that most likely, someone has already been suspicious but they must doing a good enough job keeping it hidden because either no one's been suspicious enough or had the balls to come up and confront them about it.

40 -Photograph

There's the one the relatives and friends see, childhood pictures of them in their Sunday best or past birthdays or just being goofy when their mother came around with a working camera for no apparent reason at all; and then there's their pictures and Malcolm particularly favors the string of pictures that they took in a photobooth at an annual carnival that came around and you could just say that what should normally be the fun, child-friendly squares turned into an erotic display that, while it went on, both hoped no one would open the curtain in search of what was taking them so god damn long.

41 -January

The sixth more specifically and Angus is glad that Malcolm seems to like surprises so much because as he lets himself show up in thigh-high nylons and a pair of heels (and nothing else because, really, that would ruin the effect) and casually set himself aside in the kitchen as if this happened everyday and wait for his brother to come home; and Malcolm had to admit, seeing those legs clad in dark silk and wrapped around his waist was enough of a gift to last him the entire night – which he made sure it did.

42 -March

The very last day of March, the 31st, and Malcolm can clearly remember being confused when his mother brought him a bundle of blue and introduced “Angus” and now claimed him as an “older brother” who'd “have to watch out for his little brother” and really, Malcolm wondered if maybe he acted like Angus as they got older, a bundle of energy who vied for the attention of the older siblings, who desperately sought for any kind of acceptance – and more so than not, was rejected – and he hoped not because he wasn't sure how he could stand himself if he acted like that and he's a little thankful when George tells him he wasn't nearly as bad so he soon finds himself with an excuse not to be around the other as often as he wanted to be around him; and he thinks he might feel a little guilty every time he says no or insults him or breaks the confidence that radiates off his little brother but nothing makes him feel more worse than when he walked in his brother crying, four years old -- “What's wrong?” “No one cares...” Four year olds shouldn't think that, “What?” “Mummy didn't say happy birthday.” “What about dad?” “...” “No? What about Margaret?” “” “George? Alex? Stevie?” “Auntie called...” -- so when he decides to walk him down the street to the nearby ice cream parlor, he think he starts to feel a little less guilty and his brother really does look cute when he smiles and he makes a mental note to loosen up more often. ~Lolly

43 -Belief

Angus knows that he and Malcolm have no faith in religion, that sure, they might spit the name of God or the Lord in spite at times, but there's no reasoning behind it, no inner sacred meaning and there hasn't been one for years; but Angus can't help but feel some belief towards a higher power because he really can't believe how he managed someone like his brother and that there must be some kind of thing as Heaven because he feels it every moment he's with him and it's when he's watching his brother sleep, whether in the morning or at night or perhaps a nap during the day that he hopes there might be some kind of after life when they die because he's not sure what he'll do if there really is only one life time between the two of them because he wants nothing more than to finish out what time they have left together...but he wants an eternity after that because he knows only one life is not nearly enough time to love him. ~Lolly

44 -Ridiculous

Malcolm's not sure what's more ridiculous, the fact that his brother's enough of a moron to join a riot, or the fact he was stupid enough to tell off a cop in said riot and get held at gun point until he gave himself up and when he finds his brother, arms folded over his chest and scowling with a bloody nose, he does nothing but criticize him the entire way back to the hotel and his behavior gets their show canceled the next evening, everyone knows why and Malcolm watches as a near $100,000 and 15,000 fans fly out the window -- “How the fuck do you pull that? Do you see what you've done?” “C'mon, I was just havin' fun.” “What if you'd gotten hurt?” “Mum'd probably come after ya with the rollin' pin again.” -- but...he has to admit, ridiculousness and all, when his brother's on his knees, hands grasping a hold on his hips and that wet heat tight around him, tongue finding every pleasured nerve, Malcolm thinks he just might be capable of forgiving him.

45 -Reluctance

Their's a reluctance in Malcolm's footsteps when he follows Angus back to his house -- “She's out, trust me. Won't be home until late.” -- and he likes Ellen (Fucking barbie doll) but to tell the truth, he fears her almost more than he fears his own wife and there's that extra hesitancy in the way he moves that's got Angus almost irritated and Malcolm thinks he has every right to be reluctant (Well, sort of; fucking Angus up against the wall certainly has its quirks) and regretful when he hears the car pull in the driveway -- “Fuck, you said late.” “I guess I was wrong.” -- and he thinks he should leave when he hears heels on the floor above them, but Angus won't let him, not until they finish and their adventures move behind the bar when the heels are on the stairs and he slaps a hand over his brother's mouth, thrusting in roughly, moans and whines and shrieks going muffled against his hand and when he finally comes, his brother following behind, he's glad he has a reason to be quiet when they fuck for what feels like the first time ever; Ellen diddles about for a few minutes, busying herself with something they can't see and is in bed a few minutes later...and Angus takes the nearest bottle of alcohol he can grasp (which Mal knows he doesn't touch; fucking teetotaler, but his wife and her friends do) and lets it drench him and Malcolm's more than happy to dry him off. ~Lolly

46 –Psychedelic

The seventies really do live up to their likeness, a time of endless drugs and free love and whirling tie-dies and Malcolm's somewhat glad when he decides to attend the party with his brother at Alex's new apartment and the place is jam-packed and the good grip he thinks he's got on Angus is less than he expected and his brother's lost to the throng of people and he finds himself, in no time, wasted, the LSD working his system as he's reeling, sprawled on the couch and he's never been so happy that the side effects of drugs include hallucinations and uncertainty because when Angus crawls atop of him, kissing him feverishly, the rousing taste of pot on his tongue, he thinks people are staring but he's not too sure and any motivation to try and figure that out is abandoned when Angus is grinding against him, whining against his shoulder and shuddering and Malcolm jerks against him, nails digging into the flesh of his hips as he pulls him in harder until they both stiffen, sweat dampening their shirts before they collapse against each other and Malcolm thinks he might've heard a few catcalls but they pass out together on the couch and by the next morning, as they shuffle out, undershorts still slightly wet, no one seems to have remembered.

47 -Boredom

Angus could become easily bored and when he became bored, he was loud and annoying (annoyingly loud, really) and he complained a lot about not being able to find anything to do or there being nothing to do, so Malcolm would quaintly help him to shutting up (or well, if you call incessant whining and moaning 'shutting up') by giving him someone to do instead. ~Lolly

48 -Cute

There was always something 'cute' in the way that Angus would scowl when Malcolm flirted with other girls, nose wrinkling slightly in disapproval and hell, he could be halfway across the room and have a girl on his lap, but his eyes would always have the uncanny ability of seeking him out no matter where he was and sometimes, just one look would be enough to get the girl crawling all over him off and snag his brother from the capturing arms of others and lead him out to the parking lot and kiss him until that face melts away and they have to duck down between a few rows of parked cars to finish up.

49 -Damn

It was only one word, but it spoke more than a million could as Angus stared at his brother, head cocked slightly with a small, wry smile as Malcolm walks into the room with a suit on, flustered slightly at having to wear it because it feels so awkward compared to the jeans and regular loose-fitting tee that he's accustomed to; but really, he figures he might dress up a little more often because he has to admit when he gets his brother into the bathroom of the too-long-of-a-party at the casino, hands clasping his thighs tightly, legs draped about his waist as he fucks him hard up against the tile wall, it really is worth it (Damn).

50 -Love

They weren't stupid and they realized exactly what they were getting themselves into and just what might happen if the day should come that they get caught but you know what they say ('Love is blind') and if that's true, then hey, they're both fine with seeing nothing else for the rest of their lives if means getting to spend another day loving the other.




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