February 1st, 2009

Breakfast Club // Gotcha.

Word Challenge

Title: 50 Words 
Pairing: Malcolm Young/Angus Young
Warning: slash, sexual content, incestuous content
Rating: T
Disclaimer: This work is entirely fictional and meant for the reader's enjoyment. I own nothing whatsoever, no profit is being made, and no harm/defame is intended/provoked towards the characters in this story.

I did a 50 words challenge that I snagged off a friend and I live for these when I find them. 0________0 I already have one going on my private journal (CSI Warrick/Greg ftmfw >8O) and I thought that AC/DC deserved on too. I think I might do other pairing to it as well, but for now, Angus/Malcolm because. >8U

And, fair warning, word challenges are big on the whole 'describe in one sentence' so all some of the sentences are rather large. xDDD; I also had help from Elina and Lolly on some of these and those are in italics and credited. Thanks guys 8D And enjoy!



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