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Title: Women
Band/Fandom: AC/DC
Pairing: Malcolm Young/Angus Young, Ellen Young/O'Linda Young because Ellen starts things by frisking them up XD
Warning: slash, light femmeslash, implied incest, constant giggling
Rating: T
 This work is entirely fictional and meant for the reader's enjoyment. I own nothing whatsoever, no profit is being made, and no harm/defame is intended/provoked towards the characters in this story.

A/N: Just one of them old wives' tales ;D I'm on a roll with these drabbles. >8D

C'mon, look at 'em.”


I am lookin' at 'em.”


Can't you see it?”


Well, I suppose that maybe-”


No, no maybes. You see it right?”




C'mon O'Linda, don't tell me you 'aven't thought about it at least once.”


Ellen!” O'Linda's face flushed a deep red, mouth slightly agape as she coughed over her cup of tea. Ellen stifled her giggle into her own cup, eyes alight with mischief. She took a deep swallow, calming her composure again as the steam filled her face, flushing her cheeks.


Don't be so bloody brash Linds,” Ellen quirked a smirk, her glance flickering over to the corner and back again, “A girl's got her fantasies.”


But...but that's my husband.”


So? My husband's over there too sweets.” She held the cup of tea with both hands, the rim skimming against her lips as her fingers daintily held it about its curves. O'Linda fidgeted slightly, following the other woman's gaze, and then away again, cheeks bright. Ellen began to giggle again.


You do see it.” She muffled the hysterics behind her hand, putting down her cup as she brushed hair from her face. O'Linda glared at her, rolling her eyes as she finished up her tea and set the empty mug aside. When the waitress came back over to offer her another round, she politely declined it.


Come on Linds, you've got to admit,” Ellen jerked her head in their direction again, “It's pretty...enticing.” O'Linda caught that glint in the other woman's eyes again, and she pursed her lips, looking over. Malcolm and Angus sat across the way at the bar, Malcolm nursing a bottle of Jack and Angus beside him, eyes glued to his brother as their lips moved with words she couldn't hear.


She watched them silently, and she knew Ellen was watching too. Head cocked, she watched the way they moved, the way they looked at one another, the way they spoke. Long flashes of smiles, laughing and leaning against each other, shaking heads with playful prodding, seemingly friendly and yet overly friendly arms looping about shoulders with quick squeezes.


Malcolm's hand lingered just a little too long on Angus's thigh.


Sodding great, now you've got me head filled with images,” O'Linda said hotly, finally looking away with a huff, “I don't need that.” She waggled a finger in Ellen's face who was just grinning broadly at her.


But you see it now, don't ya?” O'Linda refused to answer her, looking back over, chin dropped into her palm as her fingers tapped against her lips. Ellen reached across the table, poking her in the shoulder with another airy chuckle.


C'moooon, you see it,” She leaned in a bit, the luscious red lips spread wide over bright, white teeth, “And you like it too.” She murmured the last bit, hiding her smirk behind her cup again as she lifted it and took a swallow, eyes watching O'Linda carefully across the rim. There was a long silence between them and O'Linda stirred a spoon in her empty mug, eyes flickering back and forth between the table and the boys...


Youthinktheyeverdidanything?” She blurted quickly, face flaming up again. If she'd thought that Ellen's grin couldn't possibly get any wider, then she was wrong; it'd practically stretched from ear to ear.


Come again?” She said playfully, cupping a hand about her ear. O'Linda rolled her eyes, leaning in across the table as if she was afraid she could be heard over, not only the music, but the people, both drunk grouped at the bar and sober about the booths, and the various clanking dishes being swept off the tables and taken to the kitchens.

Do you think...” She whispered hesitantly, looking over her shoulder at them, “They've ever...done anything?”


I sure hope so.”




What!?” Ellen threw her hands up into the air, attracting the eyes of a few people as well as the boys from the bar. O'Linda waved at them, and Malcolm waved back, Angus laughing and shaking his head. As soon as they turned their heads, O'Linda snapped back to Ellen, glaring at her.


Do you mind? Keep it down!” She hissed, giving a few lingering stares meek smiles and waves. She returned her glare to Ellen.


Okay, okay, sorry,” Ellen grinned, “But seriously, how could you not want to see these two go at it on the sheets?” O'Linda flustered again. She seemed to be doing that a lot lately; especially since her mind was, literally, being raped with a series of images complete with an audio of gasping moans and muffled whines and creaking bed frames.




And to think she'd only come here for a cup of tea?


And to think it'd been so nice to see Ellen again?


O'Linda blinked when she realized Ellen was no longer seated across from her, but next to her, close enough that her lips grazed her cheek. She was fairly sure it most likely smeared.


Think about Linds,” Ellen tossed a glance at the other two, jerking her head in their direction, “Has it ever just...crossed your mind? Just a little girlish indulgence?” She asked, walking two fingers up O'Linda's thigh in a frisky manner and O'Linda laughed slightly, nervously really, batting them away. It didn't matter if maybe it had crossed her mind---and okay, yeah, maybe more than once---but she wasn't about to tell Ellen that.


Can't you just see It in your head? Maybe it was some warm summer night, humid and sticky, where even the lightest scrap of clothing is just too hot,” She spoke the last two words in a soft whine, like a child complaining of being unable to get something they desired, “Y'know those nights, don't you O'Linda?” Ellen asked coyly, a hand stroking her thigh gently. O'Linda brushed it away again.


Ellen, you're being ridiculous-” She was cut off with Ellen's finger to her lips, and a whisper of air to her ear telling her to shush.


And so maybe one of 'em hasn't got laid in a while y'know? Bit frisky. Boys and their hormones, right? Any maybe one of 'em just got out of the shower, Angus lets say,” Ellen smirked, giving O'Linda's thigh a firm squeeze, “And he's all wet still, skin cool to the touch, face flushed from the spray-”


I'm not going to sit here and listen to you day dream about your husband Ellen honey,” O'Linda teased, prodding Ellen in the side who jumped in turn, “But, I can say Mal would probably love that,” She joined in, like a string on fairy-tale of perverse desires, “And he probably wouldn't want to admit it, but all he can do is stare,” She skittered a hand across Ellen's knee, tracing the seam of her tights, “And maybe Angus is bent over, looking for something light to wear-”


When he supposes he'll just sleep under the covers naked,” Ellen smirked and O'Linda rolled her eyes, “It gets the blood rushing in from one head to the other, doesn't it?” She jested and the two of them giggled, face closes together as their hair practically shrouded their features like curtain, one blond, the other a deep brunette.


Okay, okay, okay, so, he decides nothing for the night, it's just too hot-” O'Linda tried to start up again and was cut off as Ellen spoke up.


Wait, who's topping?”


Um, that's fairly obvious. Mal, duh. Angus is such a bottom.”




Ellen, c'mon, use some common sense,” O'Linda chuckled, jerking a thumb over at the bar, “You can't seriously think Mal would bottom for anyone do you?” Dare she say that she was the one now becoming more and more excited over this prospect. Ellen joined in her laugher, nodding.


True, true, continue.”


Okay, so no clothes, and it's late and Mal wants to sleep knowing he's got a soccer game the next day-”


But he can't because he's fuckin' horny as hell-”


And he's got this urge to satisfy it and that naked brother of his looks ready to sell it, heated and pretty-”


I'm flattered you think my husband's pretty.”


'Course he is, you kiddin'?”


I'd say the same for yours, but that's more like calling Alice Cooper cute,” Ellen grinned, sticking out her tongue, “I'd go along the lines of the 'sex-on-two-legs' theme.”


Every night,” O'Linda winked, “Okay, we need to focus. Hot brother across the room under the covers.”


Right. And Mal's all anxious. He's got stress and locked up lust and he needs a ventilation for it-”


And it's still fucking hot out.”


Murderously hot. And across the room, he can see his brother's shoulders dappled in sweat, and suddenly he's hard because in his head all he can think about his running his tongue along that heated skin, the sweat salty on his tongue-”


And damn does this get him flustered and for good reason. It's his brother ain't it? But that urge is still there, it's still begging for him and he's still drowning in lust, and he doesn't want to do it, but the idea of makin' his brother scream and writhe beneath him is almost too delicious to ignore-”


So he gets right up and he crosses the room, quiet, and he straddles the back of his thighs, already feeling him up through the sheets, his whole body in tune to the rush of heat to his groin. And he can't help himself as he peels the covers away, leaning in to drink away the salt from his skin-”


And Angus is confused, he doesn't know what's happening-”


But fuck, it feels good, don't it? Feels real good, and it takes him a long time before he realizes there's only one other person in the room besides him and that definitely gets his attention-”


And he freaks-”


For maybe a moment-”


But god, whatever Mal's doin', it's too good to stop-”


So he lets him do as he pleases, and boy does that make Mal happy because as soon as he relents, he's all over him. Hands here, hands there, lips crushed together-”


Nails digging into flesh, teeth sinking into skin, moans swallowed into each other's mouth and it's nothing but grinding each other from there, and Mal can't seem to undo his pants and he's almost desperate at this point, so Ang does it for him-”


And they both want it, they both want it so bad and they're both ready, panting and sweaty and begging-”


What are you two chattin' about, eh'?” Both girls looked up, Malcolm leaning over them with a questioning stare and Angus on his toes, looking over his shoulder. O'Linda and Ellen stared at them, both speechless as they shared a glance with each other---and burst into a fit of helpless giggles, faces flushed from the previous excitement.


Way to interrupt when we were getting to the best part. Fuckin' fantastic boys.


Oh nothing, y'know, just girl talk. Wasn't anythin' that would've kept your little head busy for more'an five minutes.” O'Linda said cheerfully, stifling another fit of laughter behind her hand. Angus and Malcolm eyed each other and Angus shrugged muttering something about women under his breath as Malcolm just laughed, running a hand through his hair as he took a drag off the cigarette dangling from between his fingers.


Well, hey, uh me 'n Ang were gonna head back to his place,” Malcolm jerked a thumb over his shoulder at the other, “Said he wanted to show me the new addition to the downstairs studio.” They could tell from his attitude that it meant they were not invited, that they needed to find something else to do while him and Angus headed back to see the studio, without them. Ellen buried her face in O'Linda's shoulder, her body wracked with giggles before she finally contained herself, pulling away, face flushed.


Sure, sounds great,” Ellen brushed hair from her face, nodding, “Me and Linds wanted to get some shopping done anyway,” She elbowed the other in the ribs, “Didn't we?” O'Linda nodded feverishly, straining to keep her face calm.


You boys run off and have fun.” Ellen shooed them away with her hands, pressing a soft kiss to Angus's cheek before she ushered them away. They left, back to talking with each other with those lingering touches that drifted just a little more than necessary and for both girls, it was enough to spark the mental images from before.


Are we gonna?”


Uh, duh.”


Oh good.”


They waited another minute before Ellen hopped to her feet, snatching the keys off the table. She grinned, O'Linda's smile matching her own as she stood beside her, linking an arm with the other before she took the keys, pocketing them.


I'll drive.”


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