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Where the classics come to play...

And fuck behind closed doors.

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Where the wonders of band slash fiction flow...
T'is a site I have created to "dump" the band-slash fanfiction (meaning RPS = 'real people slash') that's been wholing up in my journal. Most tends to take shape in a NC-17 form (but that's only part of the fun...). Others can be less as 'exposing', but still slashy nonetheless.

Good, old-fashioned fun:

Oh right. Forgot to add, just in case, this site is basically (in short terms) quaint little one-shots of homoerotic material of icons that once ruled (and still do) the domain of music (mostly of the industry of hard rock).

If this in any way offends you, please, save yourself and do not read. Because the above reveals to an extent what takes part in this community: no flames, please and thank you. :)

If you take to this kind of thing, I invite you to join the party and enjoy ^_~